Current transformer type CTG








ring type current transformer, encapsulated in epoxy resin •  highest permissible system up to 36 kV  •  rated primary currents up to 3 kA

Current transformers of CTG type are designed
for indoor use at medium voltages for current
up to 15 000 A.

The typical areas of application are heavy current
busducts. The current conductor of busduct
or switchgear is the primary winding of a current

The main electrical insulation is obtained
by means of a suitable air gap.

CTB current transformers have up to 5 cores for
measuring and/or protection.

Dane techniczne:

highest permissible system voltage0.72/7.2/12/17.5/24/36 kV
power frequency withstand voltage, 1 min3/20/28/38/50/70 kV
impulse withstand voltage 1.2/50 µs60/75/95/125/170 kV
rated frequency50 or 60 Hz
rated primary current IPn500 – 30 000 A
rated short–time thermal current Ith1s100 x Ipn (r.m.s. value)
rated dynamic current Idyn2.5 x Ith1s (peak value)
number of coresup to 5
rated secondary currents ISn1 A or 5 A or fractional
rated outputs Sn5 – 100 VA
accuracy classes0.2, 0.2S, 0.5, 0.5S, 5P, 5PR, 10P, 10PR, PX
instrument security factor (FS)5, 10, 15
accuracy limit factor10, 20, 50
ambient temperature–5 ÷ 90oC
according to standardsPN-EN 61869-2:2012