TP1HSN-1.5/7.2A (…B)

Single-phase cast resin transformer

TP1HSN-1.5/7.2A (...B)

windings cast in epoxy resin  •  chambers for fuses formed in the casting •  two versions: with core in horizontal (A) and vertical (B) arrangement  •  rated power 1.5 kVA  •  system voltage up to 7.2 kV

Single-phase dry-type transformers TP1HSN are modern products with lower and upper voltage windings cast in epoxy resin. Windings are perfectly protected against moisture and heat dissipation is excellent. The technology of epoxy resin casting ensures high quality of electrical insulation

Medium voltage fuses are mounted in chambers formed in the casting. In addition, fuses are covered with insulating guards made of silicone rubber.

UNICORE cores guarantee very low levels of excitation currents and excitation loss.

Transformers TP1HSN-1.5/7.2 are manufactured in two versions: with core in horizontal arrangement and with core in vertical arrangement.

Technical data:

highest permissible system voltage / power frequency withstand voltage / impulse withstand voltage7.2 / 20 /40 kV
number of phases, frequency1 ~ 50 Hz
rated power1.5 kVA
rated voltages (upon agreement)e.g. 6600 / 230V
tap connections (lower voltage winding)option – e.g. ±5 %
impedance voltage4.5 %
excitation loss20 W
power loss at rated current60 W
dimensions (L x W x H)
– version with core in horizontal arrangement
ca 294 x 243 x 217 mm
dimensions (L x W x H)
– version with core in vertical arrangement
ca 290 x 177 x 286 mm
weightca 35 kg
ambient temperature-25ºC ÷ 65ºC
according to standardPN-EN IEC 60076-11:2018
TP1HSN-1.5/7.2A (...B)
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TP1HSN-1.5/7.2A (...B)
technical data
TP1HSN-1.5/7.2A (...B)
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