Single-phase cast resin transformer


windings and core cast in epoxy resin  •  various fuse holders can be installed  •  rated power 4 kVA  •  system voltage up to 24 kV

Single-phase dry TP1HSN type transformers with rated power of 4 kVA are modern devices made up in the form of monolithic epoxy-resin casts. The technologies we use ensure high quality of electrical insulation of the device.

TP1HSN transformers are built on the base of the UNICORE core and are characterized by very low excitation loss. They are primarily used as auxiliary transformers.

Fuse holders can be installed on the terminals of upper voltage.

Technical data:

highest permissible system voltage / power freq. withstand voltage / impulse withstand voltage24 / 50 /125 kV
number of phases, frequency1 ~ 50 Hz
rated power4 kVA
voltage ratio (upon agreement)e.g. 22 000 / 230V
tap connections (lower voltage windings)option – e.g. ±5 %
impedance voltageca 4.5 %
excitation loss< 35 W
power loss at rated current145 W
dimensions (L x W x H)450 x 240 x 322 mm
weightca 77 kg
ambient temperature-5ºC ÷ 40ºC
according to the standardPN-EN IEC 60076-11:2018

Additional technical data (according to the standard for inductive voltage transformers):

voltage factor 1.2
thermal power limit5 kVA
according to the standardPN-EN 61869-3:2011
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Technical data
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